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“How’s our Driving? – Billink Testimonials and feedback”

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As we approach the two-year mark since our inception, we wanted to take a moment to connect with our customers and gather ask how we’re doing.

We reached out to our customers and asked them to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with us. Feedback has been enlightening, reassuring, and immensely appreciated. The testimonials shared below paint a clear picture of our strengths and areas where we have excelled in delivering value. We will continue to relentlessly pursue improvements in these core areas in the future.

To make sense of the feedback (over 100 responses!), we have carefully analysed and categorized the testimonials into four distinct areas. These areas align with the key aspects we have been dedicated to improving since day one. A number of responses were quite similar so to avoid duplication we’ve picked samples of each to share. Join us as we dive into the testimonials and explore the real experiences of our customers.


1) Time-saving and efficient billing:

Our customers have recognized and appreciated the significant time savings and increased efficiency in their billing processes. The seamless integration of our services into their daily workflows has allowed them to focus on providing exceptional care while leaving the billing worries to us.

“Billink is a fantastic service for GP Practices. It has cut our time on the telephone so much, and also it is a great way for the patients as they need not come to the surgery to pay for repeat scripts. For us here in Rylanes Medical Centre, we would not be without it. Thank you” – Dr Corrigan’s Practice


“Billink has simplified the process of issuing bills to patients. It clearly allows for tracking and reconciling of payment. The synchronizing to the patient record is the icing on the cake” – Sutton Cross Surgery


“Here in our practice, we are saving so much time and getting great results, especially due to the note availability, which we use to say that the service will be provided on receipt of payment” – Maria Murphy, Centric Health


“We use Billink here in Village Medical. It has been a great way of sending payment links to our patients through the pandemic when people could not come to the surgery!” – Village Medical Centre


“Working very well. Very positive for both patient and practice, especially issuing receipts to relevant emails” – Joint Health Ireland


“I have been using this system in our practice the past few months and it’s the best thing ever for payments. I have been recommending this system to other practices also” – Centric Health Blessington


2) Positive patient feedback and convenience:

Patients play a crucial role in the success of any healthcare practice. No patients, no practice! Our customers have shared stories of improved patient satisfaction, citing the convenience and user-friendly nature of our billing system. By offering secure online and in-person payment options, we have made it easier and more convenient for patients to settle their bills, resulting in enhanced patient experiences.

“Overwhelmingly positive experience which helped us set up a new practice with dedicated billing support. Billink allowed us to set up a dedicated payments system even before we had a terminal for accepting credit card payments in place. Really a helpful addition to our practice, and also in reducing non-payment and late payment. Cannot fault the service and would highly recommend it to anyone” – Dr David Paul Doran


“Billlink has vastly improved the way we take payments in our clinic, particularly with deposits/admin charges and telephone consultations. The patient is confident the payment platform is secure, notifications are prompt, and the user experience is excellent. The receipts also save a lot of admin time. We have only positive feedback for Bill link” – GTV.ie


“Billink has been an extremely positive experience using the Billink service. We are definitely getting in more payments for remote charges like Telephone Consults/Prescriptions/Certs etc. than we did before we used this service. I also find Sean and their support team very responsive and easy to deal with. Payments into the bank account are prompt. A very worthwhile service. Thank you to all at Billink!” – Andrea, Ryecourt Clinic


“Its Brilliant! Simple, effective and gets the job done!” – Mercer Medical Centre


“Very positive. Bad debt has been reduced as has secretarial stress. The interface on Socrates is very easy to use, and we have had positive feedback from patients. Very happy to recommend this system” – Dr Collier


“Billink is an excellent addition to the everyday running of our practice. Quick and efficient software. We would not be without it. Patients are happy to use this safe method for payment” – Carna Health Centre


3) Streamlined financial processes and reduced workload:

We understand the challenges that healthcare providers face when managing financial processes. Our commitment to streamlining these processes has been met with resounding praise. Our customers have expressed thanks for the reduced administrative burden, increased accuracy, and more efficient financial workflows, allowing them to focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

“Excellent resource for our practice, has made a huge difference to our income day-to-day, and reduced the administrative burden greatly” – Dr. Kingston


“Billink has been extremely helpful with moving our practice into the 21st century. It is quick and easy to use, and convenient for patients. The dashboard is comprehensive. It integrates well with our billing software” – Francis Street Medical Centre


“Has transformed our debt list and has made it easier for desk staff to contact patients if they have been sent bill reminders and not paid. So much easier than taking payments over the phone. Really looking forward to investigating the Billink terminal option so we can have one source for payments when patients check in. Great addition to our service and a reduction in workload” – The Palms Surgery


“We have had an extremely positive experience with Billink. The reminder service has worked really well and has helped us collect outstanding fees. It has improved our billing system and reduced our bad debts. We would highly recommend it to other GP practices” – Premier Surgery


“Love it. So easy to use, get paid faster, no more worrying about paper bills, best thing ever for us :)” – Carrig Medical Centre


“Greatly improves patient payment and reduces debt collection. Patients love the convenience and are accustomed to online payments for lots of purchases. Overall really good experience” – The Family Doctors


4) Enhanced patient satisfaction and improved payment collection:

Our ultimate goal is to ensure patient satisfaction and maximize payment collection. By utilizing our billing solutions, customers have witnessed higher patient satisfaction levels, improved payment collection rates, and reduced instances of outstanding accounts.

“Billink has been an absolute godsend to our practice! We have such a busy practice, and this helps with our phone stats as we can send a Billink which saves us time on the phones” – Ballyowen Medical


“Great for taking booking deposits for new patients in a specialist clinic” – Allergy Ireland


“Billink has proved to be very successful and convenient tool for our patients and the practice in the collection of payments. We are also looking forward to using the prescription link on our website” – The Family Doctors


“Brilliant, such a time saver and good boost to income where lots of payments getting missed before, or too much time passing that we cancelled them, patients happy too, easier than calling out card nos on phone and safer, thank you!” – Templeogue Village Medical


Our journey doesn’t end here. Its just beginning.  We remain committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience and solutions to support the success of our customers’ practices. We have now expanded into physical & virtual payment terminals, website payments and integrated payments for booking applications like PIPPO. This has been possible only due to the detailed and timely feedback we receive each week from so many of our customers.

We extend our sincerest thanks to our customers for their trust and partnership over the past two years. Your feedback has been crucial in our growth, and we are excited to embark on the next phase of our journey together. Rest assured, we will always strive to build a product that empowers your practice, enhances patient experiences, and adds value to the healthcare community. You, our customer, will always remain our main source of innovation. Our systems success is down to the thousands of feedback points and improvement suggestions we’ve received since launch.

Thank you.

Dr. Sean Higgins

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Founder ,

Billink Payments

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