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How Billink Works

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HealthOne User Guide – New

How Billink Works


Find instant help for Billink Products

What exactly is Billink?

A fully integrated online payment solution designed specifically for healthcare

We allow offline, locally based systems to become more online and web enabled. Billink also enables web-first software applications to focus on their core business while we exclusively focus on making their payment ecosystem more streamlined.

Practices with Billink enabled can now text patients a secure payment link from directly inside their system allowing patients to pay immediately using their mobile device. The payment is then automatically recorded in the patients chart. The patient and practice receive instant confirmation once the payment has been completed. Once cleared, funds go to the practice bank account.

Billink takes care of SMS sending, email receipts, account reconciliation, security, reporting and also all KYC (known your client) and AML (anti-money laundering) regulatory requirements. Billink saves time and makes the payments process as simple for practices and patients.

Ok, but how?

We act as a multi-layered poly-connector…

Put simply a clinical system connects to Billink once using our API (application programming interfaces) and then Billink can connect to multiple other systems such as SMS, payments and analytics systems.

This means that rather than a clinical software provider having to make multiple releases each time a change is required, Billink can make updates without any changes required to the underlying system.

Also, instead of a vendor having to connect to multiple payment systems at once they can instead connect to Billink acting as an intermediary to other payment providers.

Why does any of this matter? Well this collaborative approach has resulted in much more rapid development and deployment of clinical systems than we have seen in the past. It also means that in the future Billink will be able to facilitate connection to other payment and SMS providers on behalf of practices and removes one of the biggest obstacles to innovation in the payment space – development time & resources.

Billink takes care of it all, so clinical software vendors don’t have too.

How do I send a Billink?

Sending a Billink is a ‘two click process’. In your usual charge window just click on the Billink icon. You will be shown the mobile number that the Billink will be sent to. Click save and close and that’s it! Your Billink has been sent!

How long does it take to become activated?

Less than 2 mins.

When does my practice receive payment?

Remittance to the practice bank account is set to occur weekly (every Monday morning for the previous weeks transaction). However, we do facilitate automated daily payouts for sites on request. A remittance report will automatically be sent to you at the time of payment and will include a summary of every transaction and all fees.

Can Billinks be cancelled or refunded?

Yes. Billinks can be cancelled or refunded directly to your patients card from within the Billink Dashboard. Simply click on the ‘view’ button beside the transaction to see the red cancel button or the refund button.

Can I customise or update my payments page?

Absolutely and we very much encourage this. There is a higher likelihood of patients completing payment if they see a familiar image of the practice on the payment page. We recommend either an external shot of the practice or a group shot of the practice staff.

You can add your own practice image from within the Billink Dashboard – see example below:

Compares the default background with a custom one