Enabling integrated payments within your system just got a whole lot easier

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Join the revolution in remote payment solutions

Our goal is to make payments in clinical practice easier by focusing relentlessly on simplifying both sides of any transaction. We do this by making it easier for practice staff members to create and manage payments while also making it exceptionally easy for any patient to pay their practice. 

New Features

In the Billink Dashboard you can now toggle a setting on/off that will automatically send your patients a reminder text message if they have not paid you after 24 hours from the initial Billink being sent.

Research shows that text messages achieve a 98% open rate on average and reminders have been shown to result in faster payments to your practice.

This feature has now been activated by default. It can deactivate/reactivate this feature any time from inside your Billink dashboard.

Resends are charged at the same standard rate as ordinary SMS Billink messages.

mockup SMS Reminders

All unpaid Billinks now have a ‘resend’ button which means you can click to automatically resend a Billink to a patient who has not yet paid.

This has been one of the most requested features and now means that you can resend a Billink with a single click. To avoid accidental re-clicks and multiple sends we will confirm with you if a resend is clicked twice within a few seconds!

mockup Manual Resends

All Billink users receive a weekly insights report along with the remittance report. We use the insights report to summarise how well your practice is using Billink compared to the network average as well as listing the patients who still owe the practice fees from outstanding Billink payments from the previous week.

mockup Reports

We facilitate a world class embedded, secure payments system by:

  • We provide easily to deploy API’s

  • We take care of all KYC and AML

  • We support and minimise any development required

  • We provide a fully embedded SMS service

  • We provide real time updates on the status of each Billink request

  • We facilitate bulk and customised Billink payment requests

  • We provide a customised payments window for end customers to interact with.

Dr. Seán Higgins


Billink Payments

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Billink is quickly becoming the go to place for remote payments in Irish Clinical Practice

A message from our founder

I’m a general practitioner by training, but my journey into healthcare technology has been anything but traditional. After my GP training, I delved into healthcare research and technology, collaborating with the Irish College of General Practitioners, RCSI, and hundreds of practices across Ireland. This unique blend of clinical practice and technology development laid the foundation for Billink.

The idea for Billink came during a challenging day at our family practice in Galway, a clinic my father founded over 40 years ago. In the midst of the pandemic, a simple task of processing a remote payment highlighted the inefficiencies in existing systems – a frustrating experience not just for our staff, but for patients as well. It was clear to me that healthcare payments needed a system designed with the nuances of clinical practice in mind.

Drawing from my experiences in both clinical and technological realms, I envisioned a solution that would simplify payments in healthcare settings – secure, efficient, and tailored for the unique needs of practices and patients. This vision quickly turned into reality with the creation of Billink.

Today, Billink is not just a payment system; it’s a testament to our commitment to improving the day-to-day operations of healthcare practices. We’re continuously evolving, driven by feedback from professionals like you. Billink is here to streamline your transactions, so you can focus on what matters most – patient care.

Dr. Seán Higgins

Founder , Billink Payments